Define Who You Are & Fulfill Your Own Definition!

Giving definition to a word, to an event, or to an action from another people could be an easy task to do.

But, defining ourselves could get hard from time to time. There are circumstances that prevent us to freely define who we are as it is. There are times we – or at least me – define ourselves through our test scores during school time. Probably you could remember the time you are the only one getting a perfect score in your class. It feels like you are on top of the class.

It is also true while we think that we are a smart competent student until we got a really bad score. I remember the first time I got 0 scores, luckily, I was rather being ignorance about it, or else I would be depressed over it. But, there are times I see a lot of smart people stressing over their bad score. It is fascinating how children early in their life often label themselves as a failure or a successful person based on test score.

Some of this habit is brought up by that children until they reach adulthood and face the real world of working. They got a lot of labels, a lot of expectation, be it from their friends or family. With the same train of thought of score is able to define our success. I saw a lot of people when unable to accomplish something, unable to get a good job offer, or even got bad remarks from other think it as their “test-score” and think they have scored badly.

That is a pity for the potential of the person. Everyone has their own potential, talent, and drive to excel in his life. Being afraid of being labeled badly again, people start to accept things they do not like, they are being afraid to venture and explore their potential, they start to run in a circle in which they limit themselves, just like a hamster in their wheel.

Yesterday is a history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today, today is a gift, that’s why it is called present – Oogway

If you remember Master Oogway‘s statement from Kungfu Panda, this meaning is so deep. Po who was trying to be a dragon warrior feels that he has nothing to be proud of while his friends got to claw, venom, agility, and scythe. Po got his self-esteem back after hearing this statement, even not the ability to clearly define himself until later in the movie.

It is funny how easily I can relate with Po in terms of inability to clearly myself clearly. I know people with exceptional ability in math, engineering, writing, public speaking, selling, and even doing business and it somehow affects me in how I define myself. Until I realize, that I have fats, just like Po.

Knowing that we often accept labels and judgment from others on ourselves is preventing us from defining ourselves with freedom, I see a great point coming out from Gandhi:

The best way to define ourselves and let it be reflected the world is by ignoring others’ laughter and show our quality through our effort-fight-so that we can bring our utmost potential in our life.

Our life in the world is limited and if we have enough time to let our situation and environment define ourselves, it will be a waste of our life.

If you feel like you want to define yourselves as a comedian, start to be one. If you want to be a writer, start to write, if you want to define yourself as a success executives, act like you really care for the company and you are ready to take greater responsibilities.

Defining ourselves is challenging, but as we reflect the dragon scroll from Kungfu Panda, we just need to know that one day we will be able to fulfill our self-definition and not to doubt it for even a second. Just like what Warren Buffet always believe.

The inability to define an identity or purpose of an organization could also lead to inaction or disability to operate continuously. The easiest example would be coming from Nokia. Nokia is always an innovative company, with a humble start from pulp business with innovation until they are becoming the handphone market leader. But, it was unfortunate for them to fail recognize or live up to their organization definition, that is to innovate.


The point is, yesterday is just a history, never think you will forever be the same just because you were bad in one day and you will forever be bad. Tomorrow is still a mystery, thinking whether you could achieve your goal or fulfill the expectation of yourself or even others are just a wasted effort of thinking. But, today is a gift, it is the gift of the mind that let you define who you are and the gift of action that let you fulfill your own definition.

It is never the world that create a story, our action created it.

It is never the world define your story, your mind defined it.


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