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I think most of us were born to face the challenge, everyone is able to do so, but there is dummies guide to face the challenge, get the most of it, and improving ourselves. This Dummies Guide is made with the reference coming from T. Harv Eker‘s Secret of Millionaire Mind, John C. Maxwell the Difference Maker, a compiled article reading from my mind, and of course my personal experience.

Everyone regardless of their profession, luck and environment will at one point in his life face something named as a challenge. Not even one being fed with golden-spoon in his mouth will be able to avoid it. The challenge, often testing one’s limit and abilities is often regarded as a scary thing to be faced. It is more often that people faced it with fear than with excitement, resulting in inaction or avoidance of the challenge.

We could easily recognize any act of avoidance toward challenge when we are procrastinating or even rejecting any challenge given by others. Students could run from challenge by not trying their best to face a score and make reasoning to why they do not need to learn. The employee could run away from the challenge by not doing their best and blame their boss or subordinate. The businessman could easily run away from the challenge by letting problem arises and accommodate it, instead of confronting it. Even, in doing an unconventional task in my circle like writing articles, I run away from the challenge several time by hastening up the writing, letting articles with poor quality to be published, or even only by re-publishing my previous writing in June.

As what I have told in my first article in Linkedin, writing all of the articles for the last 30 days is a challenge to shape my attention. I think I manage to shape my attention a little bit better, but I got another learning, and that is to face a challenge in a better manner. Here are the points of learning I got to help me finishing my challenge:

1. Focus in Ourselves

Instead of focusing on the challenge we faced, it is better to focus on ourselves. When we are faced with a challenge that has a difficulty level of 7 out of 10, while our capabilities are on level 5, we could go easy by lowering the challenge level to be of level 5 or even lower so that we could do great. But, by focusing on ourselves, we will try to put our level to level 7 or even higher so that we could face the challenge easier and even start to face an even bigger challenge.

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This point is illustrated well by T. Harv Eker with doing business. Let’s say we established a coffee shop business, for instance. The coffee shop is flourishing, like a lot of traditional business in Indonesia. However, most of the business owner are settling down. They are satisfied with the current level of challenge and stop expanding their business. In actuality, by expanding their business by opening up store-branch, they could serve more customer. Even though, the challenge faced is bigger with more complex business permission is needed, more employee is needed, but we are also growing with the challenge we face also getting harder.

With ourselves is growing, our experience, our skill, our talents, and even our products is becoming a hard currency in this world. Not even when we are going bankrupt or broke, would we faced a significant difficulty anymore. For example, if Donald Trump is ever go broke, his level of ‘poor’, he is probably still has in his possession million of dollars. Thus, focusing on ourselves would render any challenge to be easy.

2. Consider a Challenge to be Manageable

There are a lot of time that challenge seems like a tall unsurpassable mountain. However, oftentimes it is only the result coming from our mind. This is often depicted by the elephant rope, where we could see an elephant being tied down with only a small and frail rope. Despite their capabilities to easily breaking the rope and run away, they never tried to do so. It simply happens because, since their early year of life, the same rope is used to tied the elephant down. It was enough for the elephant young body, but, after years knowing they could not break it, they never tried anymore. Making a simple small rope is enough to prevent them from running.

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If we consider that a challenge is cannot be prevailed over, probably you have the same problem as the elephant. Probably, you think that the challenge has capabilities to tied you down for the current you. The only thing you need to do is by considering the challenge into a manageable challenge, not as something you are unable to surpass at all.

If you think and consider a challenge as unmanageable, high chance that it is true.

“Whether you think you can, or you can’t, you are right.” – Henry Ford

Henry Ford is one of the perfect epitoma of this point. He challenges the assumption regarding automobile engineering. His challenge is to change the paradigm or automobile during his time. Every engineer in his team is thinking what Ford saying is nonsense and would never be able to be done. At least, not until Henry Ford relentlessly facing the challenge and manage to make his imagination design to be real.

3. Remember that We Always Have Enough Resource

The last thing that I find in myself and from the story I often read, it is the scarcity of resource are the reason people unwilling to face a challenge. There are tons of resource scarcity that people could mention whenever a challenge could arise. A businessman could easily tell that they do not have enough capital, manpower, or time. Students could easily tell that they do not have enough intelligence to do face harder test or doing their best in a test. Employee could say that they do not have enough authority to do improvisation for the company.

Most of the statement regarding resource are not a baseless one. However it is a kind of lowering oneself statements. If one said that they do not have enough capital, there are countless way to expand a business without capital, Bob Sadino start from no capital until he becomes a legendary business figure. If it is about time, everyone has exactly the same 24 hours a day, 10.080 seconds a week, and 2.628.000 seconds a month to do work. Nevertheless, there are always people able to achieve more in exactly the same amount of time. It is just a matter of how big is your willingness to utilize it. Manpower could always be sought, Intelligence could always be improved with training, the authority could always be increased through work result. The resource is always there, around us, until we tap into it.

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Facing a challenge without a resource in order to back us up could be scary things to do, but you need to remember that you already have everything you need to have, you already have in your possession any resource you need to face any challenge. It is just like what Gandhi did to face his challenge in order to make India independent, he never been afraid he would not have enough money to do campaign or enough manpower to support him. He knew, there will be enough resource, as long as he dared to accept the challenge.


All in all, everything in life has meaning when we give a meaning to it. There are a lot of prized possession from stars like Michael Jordan shoe edition, which in actuality has no much difference with the usual shoes, but because of the significance of Michale Jordan, the meaning of the shoes become different. The meaning of the shoes changes into something with certain significance.

A challenge has significant meaning in our life when we GIVE that quality to a challenge. Facing a challenge that seems hard for us could mean an easy challenge in front of others. The answer to muster our courage up facing the challenge lies in how we think and give meaning towards the challenge and start facing it, right now. You know that even Christiano Ronaldo would never be able to make a score if he never faces the goalkeeper and makes a shot.

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