A Want vs. A Decision

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Every single person in the world want a better things in their life. Some want a more promising career, some want a good score for their examination, a lot of people want to get more money, there are people that want a better friend or even a better lover. I dare to bet that while you read this you even think of the things you want to have or experience you wish to enjoy.

It is in our nature to want good things in our life. No one in their right mind would want a bad things to happen. However, is it true? Do you think that you never want anything bad to happen in your life? Fortunately, I just got the right example of this case, where people want to have bad thing to happen in their life. This is a story from some of my relatives.

He often said that how good life will be if he manage to be a rich man, hence he often state his wants to be a rich man. However, there are time where he showed his contempt to people with wealth saying that they only care for themselves and how they take money from people like him and how it is burdensome for him. It is actually almost the same as he said that being rich is actually is a bad thing, but he wants to be one. I think what he wants is bad under his own perspectives.

Whether he will ever be ‘rich’ or not, no one knows. Nevertheless, I believe with our nature to want only good things, while he wants to be something he loathe, it could take up to an eternity for him to reach that point.

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If you hate what you want, you will not give your efforts in it, and you will never get what you want.

I also observe the magic in the word ‘want’. There are times people know they have something they want desperately, yet, at the same time they are unable to define what is it they want and a lot of tragedy is happening because of it. We could see a lot of stars are digging their own grave due to the excessive use of drugs. Researcher has tried to define why would they take drugs while they have a lot of things most of people are dreaming of. They have wealth that would not be diminished for years, fame that is too bright in front of laymen, and influence that could even topple a country.

In my humble opinion, it might be due to their inability to define what they really want. I hypothesize that they think they want wealth and fame, but when they get there, they feel emptiness and realize that it is not what they really want. Probably, what they actually want is excitement and happiness. Consequently, they are seeking it from external sources like drugs. It is regrettable I think, they can not acquire what they really want.

If we do not know what do we want, we will never get it.

There is another magic in the word ‘want’ that intrigues me. There is a saying from Rhonda Bryne book, The Secret, that whatever we want, the universe, the infinite intelligence, will fulfill our want. Yet, two years after Rhonda Bryne release her book, global financial crisis was happening. People want wealth and crisis is what they got. Accordingly, many people start to doubt that ‘the secret’ is real.

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I’m a believer of ‘the secret’, but I do not agree with what Rhonda Bryne statement, that whatever we want, the universe will grant it for us. A want is just a desirable condition for us, it is not the real condition or possession we actually have. There are a lot of people that want themselves to be great, but remain on their pitiable condition for years.

If you just want thing, you will never get it. Wants is just a desire not a wish-granter.

There is a difference maker, and the difference maker is a decision. I want to be able to play music and I decide to be able to play music is a two entirely different concept. Deciding things mean we will pursue it, while wanting things mean we just desiring with no will to run the extra mile to obtain it. This is so true for me, I always wanted to learn instrument, in senior high school I manage to learn a little bit of violin, I want to learn it so badly that I brought my violin to my boarding house during college.

The result? A violin full of accumulated dusts for three years. I wanted to learn the violin, but I always have a reason not to learn it in the meantime. Now, with my violin is still left in my boarding house in Bandung, I got another reason not to learn music instrument at all. But, finally, two weeks ago I decided to learn music instrument in whatever form it is.

Magic starts to happen, I manage to find my sister’s Ukulele, I start to practice and see a lot of ukulele tutorial video and no matter how busy I am or how it is seems hard to spare time to learn Ukulele I manage to practice around 20 minutes a day. The same is for writing articles in Linkedin. I always wanted to be able to share my learning from books, talks, and my own experience. But never got many chance to do so. But reaching the decision to write, I always manage to spare time to write article (well, even some articles is badly written, at least I still manage to finish it).

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A want is for us to see.

A decision is for us to act.

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