Don’t Worry About Your Appearance, Because You Are The True Beauty!

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A week ago, I asked some of my friend about their opinion of beauty. There are two main questions that I asked to them.

First, when do you feel ugly?

Most of them answered that they felt look ugly when there was someone complain about their appearance like “Oh gosh you looks so fat”, “God damn, there are many acnes on your face!” and that kind of complain make them insecure.

The next question that I asked to them is what do you think about beauty? And then, most of them said to me that beauty is slim, sexy, and white. But in fact, there are many women that already sexy and slim but they thought that they are not slim enough, and they said “I will be more sexy if I can lose 3 pounds more”.

From the explanation above, we know most of the woman has paradigm beauty is physical.

There are two basic problems, lack of confidence and too much complain. So, this is why our life is full of shit.

If you are one of them, I suggest you read this article completely. In my opinion, there are 3 fundamentals beauty:

First, Physical Beauty

This is the lowest level of beauty because physical beauty is easy to reach, easy to change, and its only benefits for yourself.

For example, you can change your appearance by beauty product, mix and match your cloth or do plastic surgery.

Second, Potential Beauty

This is the second level. To reach this beauty level you need to practice, work out and do your best effort. Have you ever heard about this quote “smart is a new beauty”?

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For some people, beauty isn’t about physical. Beauty is about you maximize your potential. For example, your classmate is very experts on playing music and his skill makes you adore to him, or maybe your classmate is very smart and expert on public speaking so you are attracted to her especially when she in front of the class to explain her opinion about something.

In my opinion, if you want to call as beauty show your best and maximise your skill and potential.

The last is The True Beauty

This one is the highest level of beauty, whoever you are, wherever you are, you’ll shine like a diamond. It means you give benefits to your surroundings, give positive impacts to all creatures. It’s what we call inner beauty. Compassion, empathy and honesty are your true beauty.

So I think beauty isn’t only about physical. Eventhough physical beauty is real, it’s not the only one. We need to focus on the potential beauty and the true beauty.

We need to acknowledged if God’s creation is far more perfect than any amount of product can do, what he gave to us is already perfect.

This case isn’t only for woman but for a man too and I’m the one who felt the same things.

But I can overcome this problem by mindfulness meditation. In a simple way, mindfulness meditation is one form of meditation that training our brain to be present.

God already gave us, but somehow we want something more and more. We had a family, career, education and everything in life but it wasn’t enough and that is really frustrated.

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Finally, I figured out the reason, my mind was the main reason. It really gets distracted, and lost in negatives. By mindfulness meditation give me a hope to live a better life, how it can redefine the way we approach happiness, life satisfaction and reduce the suffering in our lives.

Our mind has a tendency for negatives, so fulfilled our mind with positives. Back to the case, why do most of the woman lack of life satisfaction about their physical and insecure when someone else complaining their appearance?

There are two reasons lack of confidence and ungrateful. For everyone who has the same experienced like this, there are some tips for you to create a better life.

Here we go:

1. Find Your 5 Positive Things

Do it in front of the mirror every morning because it will give you a strong power to faces the day and make you realise that you have something good to make you more confidence. Besides that, give a positive input to your brain is very important for your life.

2. Be Grateful!

Be grateful for everything that has been given by god. Do it every morning before you go and before you sleep in the night.

3. Do Mindfulness Meditation

I have been mentioning above that mindfulness meditation can change your life better. Knowing the true you, life satisfaction and reducing suffering.

Live in the present is the key to happiness, and live your life with full of value. You can try this simple method by Googling about step by step mindfulness meditation.

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There are many mindfulness tools for you and many of success people has been applied mindfulness meditation in their life like Steve Jobs, Ade Rai, etc.


The true beauty is when you live your life with brings value to others. No matter where do you come from. No matter what is your color. If you do good the universe will be on your side. But if you can’t bring value to others yet, fill your mind with positive things and its one step better.

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